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Rugged Ridge XHD Wheels

Looking for a stylish and strong hub-centric wheel? Then look no further than the popular XHD Aluminum Wheels by Rugged Ridge. The toughest new design in custom wheels for the 2007-2014 Wrangler, this hub-centric design exactly centers the wheel over the hub providing proper balance, clearance for brake rotors, steering components, and suspension. With a better fit and no wheel vibration, this wheel allows for ultimate control and consistently smooth travel for even the most rugged of expeditions. Rugged Ridge wheels have been independently tested and certified to exceed SAE J2530 standards for wheel strength and durability Backspacing is 4.53" with a -12mm offset.

What is Hub-Centric and why is it important?

Nearly all OEM wheels are designed to be hub-centric. The automaker designs an OEM wheel to fit on a certain car or range of cars. The center bore of the wheel is sized to fit perfectly onto the axle of that car. This is a hub-centric connection, as the wheel is centered by its connection to the axle hub. The lugnuts hold the wheel firmly to the mounting plate, but it is the wheel-to-axle connection that actually holds the weight of the car. This is quite an important distinction, as the lugnuts are designed to handle lateral forces that push the wheel away from the mounting plate. The forces that the hub and center bore connection are designed to withstand – the weight of the car forcing downward and impacts forcing upward – are at right angles to the forces that the lugnuts are designed for. When you choose a non-hub-centric wheel, the forces will need to be handled by the lugnuts and studs, which can lead to premature wear and unwanted vibrations.

Standard Features
  • Available in a variety of finishes: satin black powder coated, satin black powder coated with machined lip, silver powder coated, gunmetal gray and dual-stage polished chrome for a long life and great look

  • Available in both 17x9 and 18x9 with 5x5 inch bolt pattern

  • Stainless steel button-head socket cap screws around the perimeter of the outer wheel face giving a great 3-piece look while letting you accessorize with the optional rim protectors
    • Part Number 15250.01 Polished Stainless Steel Rim Protector for 17 inch XHD Wheel
    • Part Number 15250.02 Satin Black Rim Protector for 17 inch XHD Wheel
    • Part Number 15250.03 Satin Black Rim Protector for 18 inch XHD Wheel

Rugged Ridge XHD Wheels
Limited 5-Year Warranty

Subject to the terms, exclusions and limitations herein and with respect only to products first sold in the United States, Omix-ADA warrants to the initial retail purchaser (“purchaser”) only that when installed and used on purchaser’s vehicle according to supplied product installation instructions and/or warnings, purchaser’s Omix-ADA product shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years.

About Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge develops and sells Jeep parts accessories for the growing Jeep and off road enthusiast market. Rugged Ridge is a division of Omix-ADA, the market-leader for replacement and restoration Jeep parts. With this know-how and experience the Rugged Ridge pedigree is well established in the Jeep market and with the Jeep enthusiast. Realizing that there was a need for new Jeep accessories, the Rugged Ridge brand was established in 2005 to fill that need. Rugged Ridge has designed and manufactured over 3,000 products for the Jeep market and continues to develop hundreds of additional Jeep accessories each year. Many of the recent developed Jeep accessories are patented, like the Jeep floor liners, Jeep snorkel and Jeep XHD modular bumpers. Count on Rugged Ridge to provide you with true and proven Jeep parts and accessories.